Eye Opening

Pam’s course has opened my eyes to a whole new level of understanding of neurodiversity. I appreciate the ‘Aha’ moments I experienced and continue to reap benefits from. I hope her comprehensive knowledge will be heard far and wide as it brings to light the shift needed to understand and support neurodiverse persons.

The best speaker I have ever been privileged to hear!!

Pam spoke at our Pro-D workshop today. She is so knowledgeable and shared so much good information. We are inviting her back again. Every single educator, health provider and parent needs to hear what she has to say. We were all was so impressed by her!

Helped Me Cope and Understand the Support Needs of My Daughter

Pam came right alongside me and walked me through a very challenging year. She has helped me tremendously to cope and understand the support needs of my daughter. After hospitalizations, numerous doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists we still didn’t have any answers. Pam helped me look at other possibilities and shared resources that gave us what we needed to move forward.

Relatable, Funny, and Engaging

I really loved this workshop. I get a sense that Pam is sharing lived experience and a wealth of up-to -date knowledge. That she puts autistic voices and experiences front and center is amazing. She is relatable and funny and really knows her stuff. It is rare for my brain to be able to follow someone speaking for 2 hours. Visual cues usually help but some speakers put too much on slides or the video or images are too distracting for me. Pam was amazing. I don’t know how she does it but I was keen, interested and following along the whole time. Thank you so much for this amazing workshop!

A Must-See Workshop

Amazing, valuable, informative, well-paced and very interesting. A must see workshop for all childcare providers and parents. Thank you Pam for allowing us into your families life as it helped make sense of the information provided.

Energizing and Inspiring

Wonderful presenter. I found the workshop really engaging and it has got me really energized about what the future holds, new perspectives I now hold, and I may look further into doing my training as an OT. :)

Left Me Wanting More

I participated at two workshops with Pam Collins, but it would be great to have another with her, with extra time for discussion. She is amazing!


Incredible workshop. Pam really enlightened me about Autism and Neurodiversity. I will strive to see my preschoolers in a new light and myself. Thank you.

Can't Wait for the Next One!

This workshop was phenomenal – can’t wait for the next one.


Excellent presentation. I found the information applicable to both my work and home life.

Gave Me a New Perspective

Thank you for showing me a different way to view Autism and PDA.

Would Definitely Recommend

Pam is an excellent presenter. She shared a wealth of lived experience and knowledge. I would definitely recommend her workshop to others.


This course and the presenter were excellent and THOUGHT PROVOKING. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone.

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