Group Coaching

Four to eight week courses, with participants on a similar journey of education. Group courses include individual sessions for personalizing the information and answering specific questions.

Course Topics Include:

neurodiversity autism richmond bc

Autistic by Nature: Bringing Autism Into the 21st Century

Autistic by Nature: Bringing Autism into the 21st Century is for families who want to gain new identities, and have an interest in navigating what to do next. We will talk about everything from sensory needs, cognitive processes, and social processing to trauma, masking, and communication.

neurodiversity autism richmond bc

Not Another Parenting Course

Not another Parenting Course is for those who are interested in the paradigm shift from behaviorism to caregiving with compassion and understanding of the nervous system and survival responses. We will explore the journey from reacting (often from our own triggers) to responding with curiosity, care and confidence.