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Pam Collins, founder of Neurodivergent by Nature

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Pam’s two awesome, brilliant sons.

Pam Collins

I proudly identify as a late-identified neurodivergent parent to two amazing multiply neurodivergent adult sons. I provide Neurodiverse-Affirming parent coaching, consulting and education services to families and community partners and have been supporting families for over 23 years.

I am passionate about several things including human development, psychology and neuroscience. I was that parent 25 years ago who first received one son’s Autistic Identity and listened to what the professionals suggested and filled his days with therapies. The more we did the more we, as a family and I fell apart. All along he kept showing me the importance of an anxiety-free existence. I finally listened and learned from him how to change his environment so he would feel safe to learn and grow in the way nature designed him to.

Likewise with my eldest son, I tried conventional parenting strategies and the options of therapies only to put distance between us and a break in our relationship. Once again, I needed to learn from him, see him for the incredible human he is and have faith in the fact that nature designed us to be there for each other.

One of my other passions is to share my learnings with other families and community members so they too, can understand and learn from their own children. My teachings and practices are neurodiverse-affirmative, trauma-informed and based on current neuro/relational/developmental sciences.

My influencers include the many incredible neurodivergent people on the planet today who have so generously shared their passions, talents, and expertise to validate and celebrate the diversity of our species.