We are Designed By Nature, Not by Books, To Parent And Raise Our Children

neurodiversity autism richmond bc
Group Coaching

4 – 8 week courses with participants on a similar journey of education including individual sessions for personalized information

neurodiversity autism richmond bc
Individual Coaching

1:1 parent / caregiver coaching to help prioritize goals for family quality of life improvements through psycho-education, problem solving, goal setting.

neurodiversity autism richmond bc
Community Workshops

These are held for any community interest groups. Length and topics may be arranged
with the speaker. Get in touch with Pam Collins for more info.

Pam Collins is a neurodivergent parent to two amazing multiply neurodivergent adult sons. She provides Neurodiverse-Affirming coaching, consulting and education services to families and community partners. Pam has been providing services to families and community for over 23 years in the lower mainland of British Columbia. 

I really loved this workshop. I get a sense that Pam is sharing lived experience and a
wealth of up-to -date knowledge. That she puts autistic voices and experiences front
and center is amazing. She is relatable and funny and really knows her stuff. It is rare
for my brain to be able to follow someone speaking for 2 hours. Visual cues usually
help but some speakers put too much on slides or the video or images are too
distracting for me. Pam was amazing. I don’t know how she does it but I was keen,
interested and following along the whole time. Thank you so much for this amazing

neurodiversity autism richmond bc
neurodiverse-affirmative coaching

Header Image by Autistic Photographer Joe James

“My name is Joe James. I’m Autistic and incredibly proud of it. I take photographs to help me with anxiety and they let me escape to another world. My art is my mindfulness and my dream is to share it with you.”

neurodiverse-affirmative coaching

Website by Neurodivergent Web Designer Nicole Provost

“Hello, I’m Nicole! I am a neurodivergent web designer, entrepreneur, and commercial pilot. I run my own non-profit charity to help provide experiences for young people on the autism spectrum.”

Get In Touch

Contact Pam Collins for more information on workshops and coaching. Based out of beautiful Richmond British Columbia. Please fill out the contact form or send an email with any inquiries or to book a workshop. See below for more contact information.


pam (at) ndbnature.com